September 24, 2016


  • Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

    Information will be provided directly to those attending. Thank you. 

    Added on Sun, May 8th 2016

  • Wedding Day

    The Wedding Ceremony: 4pm

    To be held at Boyce site, on the mountain. Private vehicles are NOT allowed. There will be a shuttle provided at the front of Purgatory Lodge (where you checked in). Please see MAPS page for it's location. There is plenty of large parking lots at the resort to park your vehicle and catch the shuttle if you are not staying at the resort and are driving in. 

    Shuttle start time: 3:15pm

    Last shuttle leaves at: 3:45pm (after this time, you will NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE WEDDING!!!)  

    Shuttle will pick you up and drop you off back at the Lodge, walking distance from cocktail hour and reception at Purgatory's Main Hall (aka: Purgy's <as named on map>). Please refer to MAPS page for a visual and notes on where to go. If you are planning on heading back to your room before cocktails, please ensure that you are at Purgy's by 530pm. The bride and groom introductions are at 545pm and dinner is served PROMTLY at 6pm. 

    Enjoy a drink, or three, and some delicious Hos d'oeuvre's. We'll meet you there! :-)

    Start times:

    Cocktail Hour with Hors d'eouvre's: 5pm 

    Reception Dinner followed by dancing, drinking, s'more making and more: 6pm  

    Added on Sun, May 8th 2016

  • The next day (I need coffee and a mimosa like now) Sunday Brunch

    A breakfast, coffee and Mimosa buffet will be offered to those quests whom are staying at the resort, Sunday morning at 10am. To be held at Hoodies, which is located right in front of Village Center, facing the mountain. Please refer to MAPS page for knowledge of area. Hoodies is not identified on the MAPS provided, but Village Center is. If you find that, you find the Mimosa's.... :-) We'll see you there! 

    Added on Sun, May 8th 2016